Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Word's

Three Word’s
There are many words that we string together that mean a great deal to each and everyone who hears them or says them. For example:

How are you Get a life On a cross In a Manger
Loving my life Praying for you Looking for you Going my way
Just like men Just Like women Monday is coming Friday is here

One group of words that we use most often is, “I love you”. This group of letters is the most used that holds the least meaning in this day and time. We find them easy to use, but we often lack the actions that go along with them. Just saying these words is simply not enough! Actions and deeds are needed to back them. The easy part is saying them and the hard part is acting on them.

Each year we celebrate a season called Christmas not really understanding that it is a time when someone was born that truly loves each of us! Matter of a fact this person loved us so much that he even went to a place called Golgotha and gave his life on a cross. In doing so he gave each of us way to experience life to the fullest extent. Thus there is another group of three words that I would like to share:

In a manger On a Cross
A future promised A heavenly home

So if you did not know it, you do now. There is someone of cares for you and loves you just the way you are at this very moment in time. His name is Jesus and this is His season, our season to celebrate the one who loves us……………
So from my heart to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS, and May the LORD bless each and everyone…………
Dec 23, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011


One of the things that I love to do is sports photography. If one would ask what my hobby is I would simply say photography, all kinds! Here are few of my latest shots from a UAFS baseball game.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Day I Buried My Sister:

This was not a day that I was looking forward too, but it was a day that I was truly blessed. On Jan 21, 2011 family and friends gathered at Glendale Baptist church to say our final good bye to a great lady, my sister.

The music was wonderful the speakers were great. Bro Jarrell Woodhull gave the message of hope that can only be found in Jesus. When all of the final words were spoken and the family had those final moments with our sister and our friend we left for her final resting place here on this earth. Carolan Cemetery.

The ride was long on a cold dreay day. The wind was blowing and the clouds were filling the valley where her final resting place would be. There again Bro Jarrell, her pastor gave words of comfort and hope to family and friends alike.

It was at this moment that something special happened that I will remember forever! Just as her pastor begin his final words and right before his prayer out of the western sky came a bright ray of sunshine. As I stood looking at the head of her oak casket the spot light of heaven gleemed down upon her. As I turned to look at the sun it was as big and bright as any noon day sun. Yet just as quickly as it came it disapeared behind the clouds.

I chose to believe that it was simply the light of Heaven, Jesus looking down on my sister and with a final earthly fairwell saying, "well done good and faith servant", rest now your earthly body till I come again and take you home to a place that I have prepared for you..............

Till we meet again sis.........

Love ya,
Little bro

Friday, August 27, 2010

Here is something that I received from a daily email that I receive and thought you might like to read.............ENJOY

Always Say I Love You
Brittney loved basketball
Friends and parties too
And when it came to painting
That's all she wanted to do

She painted everything she saw
Birds, flowers, the sky
Some days she sat at her window
And painted everything that passed her by

But lately she'd been feeling woozy
Her muscles ached a lot
And her parents got kind of worried
So they took her to the doc

The doctor took a couple of tests
To see if everything was okay
Then the nurse came out with a look of sadness
And this is what she had to say;

"I'm sorry but you've got leukemia,"
"You've got about 3 months more."
Then Brittney got up and ran out of the room
And slammed the office door

She ran down the street screaming
And cried her eyes out dry
And stayed up all night
Wondering what it's like to die

Her parents held her tightly
And said, "We love you,"
"We'll make your last few months the greatest,"
"We'll do anything for you."

So Brittney and her parents moved to Florida
To live by the sea
Because Brittney loved the ocean
And when she dies, that's where she wanted to be

She spent her days painting
And horseback riding in by the bay
But one day she met this guy
And his name was Jay

They collected seashells together
And talked about all kinds of things
And then one day while walking
He handed her a ring

It said, "I love you,"
Which brought tears to Brittney's eyes
And when he put it on her finger
She began to cry
"I've got leukemia, and about a month more."
He said," No matter what, I love you,"
"And no matter what, you are the one I adore."

So they spent everyday together
And swam in the Atlantic all day
But Brittney was getting weaker
And it was hard for her stay awake
So one day Brittney painted her picture
And gave it to Jay

She said, "I want you to remember me,"
"Even when I leave this place."
But one day while they were walking
And searching for seashells in the sand
Brittney collapsed and started to lose her breath
And said to Jay, "Please hold my hand."

"I love you more than anyone,"
"You are my only true love,"
"But now my time is up,"
"And I'll watch over you from above,"
Then Brittney's body was lifeless
As she lay in Jay's arms

And he sat there all day
And kept her safe from harm
I hope this teaches you a lesson.
To tell someone you love them whenever you can.
Because maybe they'll be gone tomorrow.
And you won't be there to hold their hand.

Because love is everything to everybody.
Without it, the world would be dead.
So always tell someone you love them.
A parent, a lover, a friend.
Send this to everyone you know,
it makes a big difference even though you don't think so...

Everyone deserves an "I love you."
Because there may be
No one for that person to say it back to.
If you don't, the same shall happen to you.
You might not have the same disease,
but you will be dying of early age.

Send this to the people you love. I did!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Old Book is a little worn and tattered from the use of years gone by. Yet this week once again I will pull it off the shelf. It may have a little dust on it, but that is ok. It only comes off its resting place once a year or so. Oh there are others that I could use this week, but each year at this time I choose to use the old book resting on my book case!

The Old Book is not really that old by some standards. You see it is only about 40 years old or so. Its pages have become brittle and some have even changed colors due to time. The cover is even covered with clear tape in places to hold it together. The old book is becoming more fragile each day and week that it continues to hang around. That’s why it stays in the book case most of the time.

I remember the day’s from years gone by that The Old Book was read daily. Each day it would come from its resting place and it would be opened and read. Sometimes it was read out loud, but most of the time in quiet solitude. Each day The Old Book was opened there was wisdom, and knowledge gleamed form its pages. Matter of a fact it was the book that I was raised by!

You see The Old Book that I refer to is my Dad’s Bible that he used everyday and read everyday. Each year since he has gone to be with the author of that Old Book I pull it off the shelf and use it. I too was taught to go to its pages and search its truth to live each day by its wisdom.

Each year The Old Book becomes more precious to me during this time of year. It seems like only yesterday that his big old hands would reach for it and open it to attain more knowledge and wisdom. The fact is that it has been some 10 years since he has touched its covers. For instead of reading its truths he is now setting with the author and getting first hand information given to him.

Each day as I get older I do miss my dad, but because of his belief in The Old Book I too know that one day I will sit with him at the author’s feet. Not because my dad is there with Him, but because my dad cared enough to point me to THE OLD BOOK. The very place that I found my heavenly father, Jesus!

Dad, I do miss you very much, but in a short time I too will be sitting at the feet of the author because you loved me enough to show me the way to THE OLD BOOK!

June 15th, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Years ago.

Memorial day weekend, do you remember what or where you were 6 years ago. I do! I was looking forward to the long weekend at my apartment at the time. You know just the everyday thing. On saturday I was at the gym doing my thing then to IHOP for breakfast. Afterwards it was back to the apartment for a long rest. Later that day I was preparing to tech Sunday school for Johnny Clayton, my teacher at the time. Although that weekend he was out of town.

Sunday was just the normal thing up for breakfast then to teach. Little did I know this would be the weekend that has changed my life. After Sunday school that day my friend Casey asked me what I was doing on Monday morning and of course I told her not much as far as I knew. Then she blurted out, good I want you to meet me on Garrison @9:30. Why in the word do you want to meet me there was my guestion. Her reply was short and simply. I want you to meet a friend of mine, any reason you can't! She was forceful! Oh why not I said, it's a public place.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect things to turn out they way they did. For on that day I met a very beautiful lady named Teresa.

You guessed it, if you were guessing that is, she is now my wife!

So memorial day has a lot of meaning to me. First I met my wife this weekend and then to celebrate the memory of so many people who have given the ulitmate sacarfice, there life. For it is because of them that I can enjoy the freedom that I have.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and makes wonderful memories that will forever be a blessing to you.

I know I sure have.................

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009,

Here is one of the photo's from last night's Christmas gathering at our house. We had a great evening with food and fellowship.

I always like this day because it is the one time a year that all my kids and grandkids are at my house (not enough)! Anyway we did the usual things that families do. Like eat and exchange gifts.....mostly for the kid's!

All I can say is that it was a great evening, I just wished it lasted longer......I guess that is selfish on my part, but I sure love it when all of my kid's are at home they mean the world to me...........